advancing the mitigation of Climate Change and Global Warming through Geoengineering education and research

Geoengineering Mission is focused on advancing geoengineering research, education, and technologies to mitigate Climate Change and Global Warming and conserving societies, natural ecosystems, and our biosphere. Based on our research, geoengineering is critical in mitigating Global Warming and preventing catastrophic changes to our biosphere. It is our hope that geoengineering solutions such as ecosystem restoration and carbon sequestration (i.e. reforesting the planet, restoring seagrass beds, etc.) will give nations and societies more time to transition to low carbon energies and lifestyles.’s primary mission is to synthesize current trends in scientific research and disseminate information to governments, community leaders, policymakers, managers, educators, and the general public with the goal of accelerating and advancing of the use of geoengineering technologies and solutions.